Mar 21

farms are operational

Indofungi remains operational.

March 21, 2020 – Larger deliveries by our own staff, smaller ones by GoJek.


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Oct 24

Our AgriTech team has developed an Energy Use Monitor

For the last few years our AgriTech team has been developing advanced Climate Monitor & Control Systems for our mushroom farm. Now they adapted our Electricity Consumption sensors into a world class Consumer and Business  device.


eMon Energy is the most comprehensive and user-friendly energy monitoring system available in Indonesia – whether you are looking for a simple residential monitor or a sophisticated commercial application.

eMon Energy measures up to 14 Circuits per ECB panel in your Home, Business or any number of rental Villas with Precision and Accuracy. As a standalone unit it saves and displays years of detailed data, while also capable of uploading real-time usage to any of several popular cloud services.



Last week the cases were UV printed and we received some more Printed Circuit Boards.




Please have a look at eMon Indonesia’s Website

Single Phase Bundle

Three Phase Bundle

The systems are available for purchase online.
Please contact the AgriTeam for more information

Aug 06

Free Spent Shiitake Substrate

FREE spent Shiitake substrate. Wood from old Bali fruit trees. It will improve yields and quality of Fruits and Vegetable. It is not fertilizer, but it improves your soil if mixed in, or soil surface if just used as cover.
Location is at Indofungi in Denpasar Barat.
PH 6.0


The alternative uses of spent mushroom compost  (pdf)

Use of Spent Mushroom Substrate as Growing Media for Tomato and Cucumber Seedlings

Spent mushroom substrate is the soil-like material remaining after a crop of mushrooms. Spent substrate is high in organic matter making it desirable for use as a soil amendment or soil conditioner.








Sep 15

Young Modern Farmer


A Young Modern farmer visiting Ayung Farms in Bali, Indonesia. Mixing sawdust, organic grains and spawn.

Sep 15

Introducing Technology to Indonesian Students

Assembling an IO Board

At our Tech Development Center we frequently introduce Young Indonesian Students to the world of micro controllers, IO, Sensors, and Relays. This 8 year old is building a walking robot dog.

Jul 18

Mycelium Tests

Indofungi Lab’s ongoing, process-based research and exploration actively investigates multiple substrates available in Indonesia.

A matrix of of Mushroom strains, moisture content, substrates, PH levels, temperature, time and density is assessed.  Our goal is to develop high yielding strains that thrive in Indonesia’s tropical climates and locally available grow materials.


A few of many tests.

Data from some small tests look promising enough to warrant larger sample tests.

Jul 17

Modern Farmers

You will be a part of the Farming Team at our Ayung Farm near Denpasar in Bali. Learn to work with the new agricultural technologies we use.

Jul 17


Your primary responsibility will be to operate and maintain a steam generator and sterilizer. You will be working in a environment that expects participation in all aspects of production.The work will be near Gatot Subroto Barat Denpasar, Bali.

A successful candidate must have a Operator Ketel Uap (Boiler) Kelas 2 Certificate and will be able to communicate in basic English.