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Oct 24

Our AgriTech team has developed an Energy Use Monitor

For the last few years our AgriTech team has been developing advanced Climate Monitor & Control Systems for our mushroom farm. Now they adapted our Electricity Consumption sensors into a world class Consumer and Business  device.


eMon Energy is the most comprehensive and user-friendly energy monitoring system available in Indonesia – whether you are looking for a simple residential monitor or a sophisticated commercial application.

eMon Energy measures up to 14 Circuits per ECB panel in your Home, Business or any number of rental Villas with Precision and Accuracy. As a standalone unit it saves and displays years of detailed data, while also capable of uploading real-time usage to any of several popular cloud services.



Last week the cases were UV printed and we received some more Printed Circuit Boards.




Please have a look at eMon Indonesia’s Website

Single Phase Bundle

Three Phase Bundle

The systems are available for purchase online.
Please contact the AgriTeam for more information